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Impressions from the World of Data 2022 in Munich



Program overview

Welcome to the World of Data by Sebastian Amtage, Klaus Blaschek & Klaus-Dieter Schulze, Managing Directors b.telligent

ProSieben Sat.1
Winning the productivity race - How ProSiebenSat.1 uses platforms and MDD to minimize time-to-market

Erbacher - The Food Family
Why is there straw here? Digital hay analysis
Swiss Post and Artifi cial Intelligence, does that fit?
Integrating quantum computing into business processes

Data (Insights) Driven Company - Transformation of data projects into scalable data products

Analytical Risk & Contact Optimization @ Telefónica Germany
What drives data & analytics leaders - trends that bring benefits
applied AI
A strategic look at the introduction of AI
Self-service DevOps: Deploy Python flexibly with the help of Azure

Geodata - a key pillar of the energy transition

Metro Digital
Product management for data science: from POC to products in production
Diehl Metering
Development of a central data platform for production-related data
Strengthening the Volvo agent network with location intelligence and geodata
Galeria Kaufhof
Disruptive renewal in the data stack - cutting edge instead of batch again!

From compulsory to optional - data quality management along the data lineage

Success factors for data activation at Unicef

AI for the refrigerator
Data governance is the nitrous oxide injection for your data race car

Zurich Insurance
(De)centralizing: Business Intelligence between agility and stability

Social Chain
" ... and I need it yesterday." - How the parallel development of a data platform and prototypes is leading Social Chain AG to success

How digital tools and AI are revolutionizing work in finance

BMW Group
How BMW's cloud-based NBA/NBO platform enables predictive omnichannel customer interactions on a global scale
Deutsche Bahn Energie
Data-driven added value at DB Energie
Data Ownership – From ? to !

DKV Mobility
Data Governance execution with Focus on Business Value (Use Case DKV Mobility)

Data-Driven Customer Excellence in Retail

4 factors for a successful marketing automation implementation
And when are we going to do data science? - The innovator's dilemma in our data analytics transformation
How to make money with data-driven business models

The path to the modern data platform - If you don't honor the organization, you're not worth the technology

Keynote Knacki Deuser: Courage to change



Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform in Action
WhereScape Data Automation Test Drive: Set up a data warehouse using automation in just 2 hours
Pyramid Analytics
SAP + Pyramid: The perfect symbiosis for true self-service analytics
Take off with a modern data cloud platform


Insights software
Optimization of the increasing data requirements of your company

From edge to cloud and beyond
CRM-Anwendungsfälle mit maschinellem Lernen - von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung
Real-time and relevant: data-driven customer communication, made for marketers
Existing customer marketing: Intelligent personalization with first-party data in 3 steps
Mastering automation and realizing Data Vault
The importance of moving to a first-party data strategy in the new data era
The Protegrity platform: more innovation and growth through the protection of sensitive data
Lets talk open source...
Theobald Software
Easy analyses of SAP data in the cloud
Why 'cloud-first' doesn't have to mean 'cloud-only' - the use of hybrid or multi-cloud solutions
2150 Datavault Builder
What do successful cloud data warehouse projects have in common? They focus on time to business value!

Our speakers


Klaus-Jürgen "Knacki" Deuser

Resolve for change - out of the box

An inspiring and motivating lecture on greater resolve and readiness for change. We live in a time of immense change. Not yet foreseeable, in particular, are the effects of digitization. It not only changes industries, but also permeates cities, our everyday lives and even people. As many new opportunities as this new age offers, though, a lot of people and companies are also concerned that they might miss the high-speed bus. However, sustainable success cannot be achieved without change. And change is always first a question of attitude: The resolve to get involved in something new, to alter routines and habits, and to press on undeterred. This applies to organizations as well as individuals.


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